Can’t meet a pair? Evolution is to blame but artificial intelligence will help!

Almost every second person has difficulties in finding their soul mate experiencing disappointment from new acquaintances instead of positive emotions. Scientists believe that it’s all about our ability to adapt to new circumstances – we don’t do it fast enough. In other words, the evolution of Homosapiens is going on but it is far from the progress which changes our environment. However, perhaps, very soon it is technical achievements that will help to change the situation with acquaintances for the better thanks to the ICO-project Datecoin.

Sociologist Menelaos Apostolou from the University of Cyprus Nicosia conducted an interesting study which was attended by almost two thousand students of both sexes. Every second respondent admitted that it was difficult for them to start dating someone and every fifth noted that the problem for him was romantic relationship in general-it was difficult to get acquainted and to maintain contact. Many called relationships with the opposite sex just “a necessary evil”.

Scientists explain all this to the so-called “problem of discrepancy”: people have to live in an environment that is sharply different from the one in which they were formed. Menelaos Apostolou gives an example: previously, dating was more regulated and in the case of, for example, young man or woman was very modest – a couple for them could find the parents. And at the same time mom and dad were doing everything possible so that the “light” of love not only flared on both sides, but not extinguished! Today it is very difficult to imagine such a situation. It turns out that people are closed and shy almost has no chance for a successful (that is, with a pleasant continuation) romantic contact. Our society is changing more and more and it is not easy for the average person to keep up with it. To rebuild and fully adapt, humanity may need more than one generation – only in this way evolution can work. However, lots of people want to meet and keep the family! This problem will soon be solved with the help of dating service DateCoin.

For whatever purpose one person is looking for another with the help of DateCoin-marriage, joint trips, quick sex or maybe even a business – is sure to find the perfect partner. The service will involve syntactic and semantic parsing of the text within the dialogue of a particular user, special algorithms will learn about the purposes of registration of a person in the service, his interests and traits. In the end, it will divide all users into groups according to goals, interests in order to make predictions of the compatibility of the characters, to trace the convergence of interests and weed out scams. Taking into account the reduction of the resulting sample, artificial intelligence filters out the average image of the face of people who are nice to the user. Thus, the system DateCoin will be able to offer the user to view the most relevant profiles, focusing not only on preferences in appearance, but also taking into account the interests of the user, his goals and more.

All questionnaires will be real. The main problem of the current dating services – a large number of fake accounts – will be solved by the identification system on the blockchain. All this will not only increase the credibility of online dating but will make them as quick convenient and efficient as possible.

DateCoin service will be implemented on the basis of already operating business model (Denim MVP-application, so some of its features can be used today.

Implementation of a large-scale project using the latest technologies is carried out through the ICO, before the end of which there is less than a month. DTC token is a highly liquid utility token of the ERC-20 standard with the inherent mechanism of value growth due to the support of millions of users around the world.

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