Relictum Pro is a 5th-generation blockchain with free and instant transactions

Let’s talk with Ilnur Rakhmetov, CEO of the Relictum StartUp Lab project, the deputy CEO of the Relictum StartUp Lab Ksenia Bashlay, and the CMO of Relictum PRO Nikolay Osipenko.

Can you tell us a little about what Relictum is? 

Ilnur: “Relictum Pro is a 5th-generation blockchain with free and instant transactions, developed from the ground up using unique and advanced technologies, backed by its own consensus and an extended ecosystem.”

Ksenia: “Relictum offers users a large list of products based on the 5th-gen blockchain and develops a number of popular platforms such as Relictum StartUp Lab, Relictum NFT, and others.”

Relictum StartUp Lab sounds really interesting! What does it do? 

Ilnur: “Relictum Lab (Relictum Startup Lab) is a startup accelerator with a token sale platform meant for promoting promising startups created and/or tokenized based on the latest-generation Relictum Pro blockchain.

The startup accelerator develops its own startups and supports third-party ones in the field of DeFi, NFT, HFT, quantum and optical tech, and other Hi-Tech areas.

Our main goal is to discover and nurture a potentially successful project that can evolve into a “unicorn” (a project worth over $1 billion).

Before settling on a startup to support, we assess it by a number of criteria and, if we see the prospects and interest from the community in this startup, then we provide all kinds of support to the dev team.”

These days you can often hear about token sales held to attract investments. If startups are carefully selected on your site, how can you tell an actually worthwhile project from a dummy?

Nikolay: “In terms of technologies per se in the blockchain industry, then, first of all, you need to have an idea about the arrangement of the architecture of the project, its economic components, and it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the documentation. That is one side of the coin.

The second side is, first of all, a strong community. As they say, people follow people, not projects. This is a fairly solid argument in favour of the fact that the project will be advertised and talked about on every continent.”

In addition to the startup accelerator, you have other development areas and products. What projects and solutions should we expect in the near future?

Ilnur: “In the near future we are going to launch an NFT marketplace. The new NFT token format is practically ready and is currently undergoing testing. The next products will be Relictum DEX decentralized exchange and Relictum Swap decentralized exchange.

An NFT is a unique token that gives you the right to own digital property. Our team of programmers, based on the 5th-generation Relictum Pro blockchain, created a new type of NFT file, made in a user-friendly format, the purpose of which is to allow you to create your own unique token in minutes. All your creations will be stored on our own blockchain storage – Relictum Storage. No other blockchain can boast anything of the sort. While creating your NFT, you can also state all the co-authors and agents, so that in the future, after the token is sold, the funds are automatically allocated based on the set percentage. Also, we can immediately set the royalties received when reselling NFTs. And in the same way, based on the percentage of authorship, these funds will be distributed accordingly.

Another great advantage of our NFTs is total security. Your token is always on your device on your own node. In the marketplace, you only transfer the right to sell, and you can recall it at any point. Thus, your token cannot be destroyed, broken, lost or further sold without your knowledge.”

Who can use Relictum NFT?

Ksenia: “Thanks to digital technologies, today there are no boundaries for creative and professional self-realization. Relictum opens up global opportunities to wide audiences of both professional and casual users. To use Relictum products, you don’t need to be a programmer or financier, things are extremely user-friendly around here.

The launch of the Relictum NFT marketplace is a serious step not only for the company itself but also for the NFT market as a whole. After all, it is Relictum that opens up opportunities for professional communities, revealing the vast potential of NFT.”

So, another advantage of your platform is the support of professional communities?

Ksenia: “The NFT marketplace will consist of a few sections: Relictum NFT Premium for selected authors, Relictum NFT World for everyone, Relictum NFT Islam, and Relictum NFT Design.

Relictum NFT Design is a unique solution for designers of different directions, where everyone can monetize their creativity, make themselves seen and heard without spending too much and, most importantly, protect their copyrights. We are already accepting applications for design project placement and are fully open to cooperation.”

Many thanks! Relictum Pro is actively developing an ecosystem of its own and does its best to support the high-demand areas in the market. You can learn more about the project on the website:

If you are interested in Relictum NFT Marketplace, feel free to contact us: 

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