Larson&Holz Presents Working Cryptobroker Prototype

The LH-Crypto team has presented a working prototype of its future cryptobroker – a step indicative that the company has already begun making the idea it has put forth for its ICO a reality. The main difference between the LH-Crypto broker and cryptocurrency exchanges is that our project allows you to trade a much wider range of financial instruments. Anton Kurakin and Nikita Baishev did a video explaining the ins and outs of our crypto broker prototype on YouTube:

To get your hands on and test the prototype you need to visit our website at and hit “Contacts”. You will see a contact form that you should fill out (no strict requirements) and include your wish to access the demo account. In return you will receive an email with login credentials for a MetaTrader 4 account. You can download the desktop and mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 on Larson&Holz website at After installing the downloaded terminal all you have to do is enter the credentials in a special window – and enjoy trading using a wide range of instruments the platform provides.

To remind you, Larson&Holz came out with an ICO project for LH-Crypto – the first ever cryptobroker, on 30 October 2017, and managed to raise over 5 million US dollars to bring this idea into being. The proposed model of creating a cryptocurrency department for an already successful broker on the forex market has drawn in over 10 000 investors from all over the world. The minimum amount the project’s developers were looking to raise for the project to come to fruition was around 1 mil US dollars mark, while the actual results exceeded the projected minimum by 5 times! Such an increased investors’ interest towards the project allowed Larson&Holz to approach its development in a much more proactive manner.

LH-Crypto is a project designed to create, within an already successfully functioning Larson&Holz forex broker, a separate cryptodepartment that will conduct all its internal transactions exclusively in cryptocurrency – customers’ accounts balances, deposits, withdrawals, etc. When the project enters its final stage of development, the cryptobroker’s customers will be able to conduct operations in the project’s own tokens – the #LHCoin. To this day there hasn’t been a single similar platform on the trading market, promising the LH-Crypto project a great basis for growth and attractive profitability.

On 1 January 2018 began the final phase of the LH-Crypto project ICO – the Post-ICO that will run through 31 January 2018. This phase will see Larson&Holz round off the completed phases of Pre-ICO and ICO, prepare its #LHCoin to enter the exchange and sell the remaining tokens according to the Early Bird Bonus 2.0 rewards program. By February 2018 already the company will fully focus on developing and launching their cryptocurrency broker.

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