TerraMiner Launched 2nd ICO

Word about the TerraMiner project has been making the rounds online and for good reason – it’s a high-power and high-tech mining farm located in China, and every investor has the right for a certain amount of profits from the farm. Despite the naysayers and their acerbic commentary following the project from the very start, the first farm has been successfully launched and its investors are already receiving payouts! Now the founders have also taken on the second iteration, the TerraMiner 2 ICO.

It were delays in the project’s fruition that spawned the various rumours about the project among investors. The hurdles along the way have definitely caused a lot of worries during the farm construction. With videos, photos and livestreams from the site, however, investors were as much excited as they were anxious for the launch, and finally, the farm has begun mining! Right now the first mobile TerraMiner ASIC-farm equipped with Innosilicon A4+ chips is up and running, evident by its Nicehash stat page: https://www.nicehash.com/miner/3DwWkMxqcBFej52dnh3NbPWGAiUn11kAEj. Albeit at the time of writing the farm has not yet reached its target output, in the nearest future 36 ASIC miners will be added to the farm, when the second batch of hardware arrives in January, and put the farm’s output where it needs to be to provide the farm’s investors with full payouts

While these 30+ ASICs are due to arrive and increase the investors profits, the mining industry is going through a phase of explosive growth, with top mining hardware manufacturers, including Innosilicon, our supplier, have become overbooked for new hardware. Shipping dates are shifting, and the prices are going up by the day.

The TerraMiner farm, however, is already up and running, and 30 December 2017, just on the New Years Eve of 2018 the company launched its second ICO. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

In the case of our second farm, all the hardware, just as we did with the first farm, will be mounted in an intermodal container – a metal box that can be quickly transported anywhere in the world. How is this decision beneficial to the investors and the company?

  • If the Chinese government decides to change its stance on mining, the project can be quickly packed up, relocated and deployed on one of our backup places. We won’t have to disassemble the miners, which decreases downtime drastically
  • Intermodal containers are robust and durable, and have been in use for decades all over the world, and a lot of times – for things other than moving cargo. There’s an entire town made of containers in Mexico, where these boxes make houses, kindergartens, stores, labs, etc. It’s almost a monolith structure that doesn’t need a foundation to stand strong on the ground, and it’s highly mobile by design.
  • One of the pros of these containers is that they can be stacked, and make a structure of almost any size. Since we’re planning to scale up our project, this is the most convenient solution for us.

The last part is definitely important because TerraMiner is shooting for the stars with the ambition to build one of the biggest mobile farms in the world, worth 30 million US dollars in total.

Every TRM2 project’s token is backed with 1 Mh/s of our future farm’s hashpower. The token owner is entitled to the mining profits for as long as he holds the tokens. Alternatively, he can sell them on an exchange and return his initial investment. After the farm is launched all the mining revenue is split in half between the company and the investors who receive mining profits correspondent to their share in the farm’s hashpower. On the top of all the TRM2 tokens will be traded on exchanges and the company will be allocating 10% of its own profits towards the token buyback program.

The stage of Pre-ICO 1 TRM2 = 4.5$.

Investors also can get bonuses: bonus will decrease over time, and this means that investing at an early stage more beneficial than at the end of the pre-ICO!

In the period 20.01 22.01 for you to receive a 15% bonus

With at 23.01 25.01 – 12% bonus

With at 26.01 28.01 – 9% bonus

With at 29.01 31.01 – 6% bonus

You can become an owner of our farm’s hashpower starting just at $7 during the Pre-ICO, while theminimum investment during ICO and Post-ICO is $100.

To compensate for the rise in network difficulty (one of the main issues every farm is facing) we have developed a reinvestment system that allows us to not only keep the profitability as close to the target level as possible, but even override the difficulty and potentially increase the profits. The farm begins construction in March 2018, payouts start April 2018. To learn more about the project you can visit terraminer.online

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