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Blockchain is not just a fancy new word, it’s a technological breakthrough that has affected almost every part of the market. New ICO projects are being launched every day, so we decided to make a list of the most interesting ones in 2018. But first let’s take a close look at blockchain itself.

Blockchain is a continuous list of records, called blocks, that make up a database. It is a distributed network without a central server. Every block is a data element with a link to the next block and a timestamp. The list of blocks in the database is continuously growing.

Blockchain utilizes a cryptographic function algorithm processed by a computer network. The data is distributed among the network members by a peer-to-peer protocol similar to that of BitTorrent. Separate computers run the calculations and add digital signatures to each block. When the register updates and a new block is formed, it cannot be changed making it forgery-proof. The only option available is adding new records to the block.

The blockchain works in a way similar to the Internet: any user can access information posted by another user via a link, no matter their location. The same way the information from a block is available to any user with access to the network from any part of the world. To access a network a user needs a private key. It makes data storing in a chain of blocks absolutely safe and secure. Blockchain makes user and transaction verifications much easier. It also sufficiently lowers intermediary risks, allowing users to easily check their activities and reputation as blockchain allows users to check on a company without mediators or requests, because all financial data is required to be open for users.

Blockchain makes it possible to sign contracts bypassing lawyers and bureaucracy. It ensures safe investments and effective risk management via smart contracts. The most interesting and perspective projects of this year are blockchain based. Let’s take a look at those projects.



One of the very interesting projects on the unmanned aerial vehicle market.

BlockchainTaxi utilises the Blockchain technology and flight history analysis for better short-haul flights optimisation and increased safety and security. BlockchainTaxi will also help emergency services evacuations of injured and in search and rescue operations.

Project website:



Faceter is an innovative computer vision surveillance technology that recognizes faces.

The Faceter system has already been tested in a few pilot projects in different market sectors. Faceter is blockchain based and uses miners to store and compute encrypted information from surveillance cameras. This surveillance system can replace a security guard or a policeman and work day and night preventing incidents without taking naps or smoke breaks. And in case they do occur, it helps find the perpetrators.

Project website:


Eternal Trusts

Eternal Trusts is a blockchain platform for deferred purchases of future technologies.  The project uses the technology of smart contracts to program deferred transactions – once the implementation of a particular task is possible – the transaction will be completed.

Project act in the interests of clients, introducing special-purpose discretionary trusts that are legal constructs, protecting clients’ assets from any third-party actions. These trusts may be allocated only to satisfy the client’s wishes and needs. Trusts can exist for hundreds of years, all the time trying to find opportunities to meet the client’s demand. The assets in the trusts are put in the most reliable banks under the most reliable long-term strategies. Trust management is provided until the service ordered by the client becomes possible to purchase. Then the deal is settled.


ICO starts on March 22, 2018, the starting price of 1 ETT token is 0.01 USD

Project website:


Casper API

This is a project of infrastructure for storing big amounts of data in the blockchain system, that offers customizable ways of content delivery, file and backup storage and corporate data storage.

This project also has a good record: it took only 60 minutes for its PRE-ICO to receive 1239 ETH on 19th of December 2017. The Developers aim to be first to solve the problem of high prices for data storing in the blockchain and to offer the DApps developers a smart contract based data swiftly working storage for a reasonable price. Casper API is not tied to one blockchain only. DApps developers can choose any blockchain using smart contracts.

Project website:



GO CLC is an alternative ecosystem for professional and business travel. All transactions between lessees and lessors are blockchain-based and conducted in tokens. It offers a wide range of locations, flexible timing, anonymity, reasonable prices and high technologies.

The project is very interesting indeed. A CUBO house is a mobile house ready to be rented that can be located anywhere. There will be more than 2000 houses around the globe located wherever investors find suitable. So any token holder just can find one and check in. The GODEX platform is based on smart contracts and Ethereum ERC20 tokens through which booking, checking in and token holders’ rights validation becomes super simple.

Project website:

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