Priority Token Business Breakfast «How To Raise Money For Your ICO In China»

These days ICO projects and startups obtain up to 70% of investments from Asia, particularly from China. Want to learn how to reach out to Asian investors and onboard them to your ICO? Be sure to visit a Priority Token business breakfast and get the word from the legendary Tony Ling himself!
Who will benefit from participating:

► Those who already run an ICO.
► Those who plan an ICO.
► Those who have a blockchain startup, no matter what stage it is at.

Tony Ling is a co-founder of BitBlock Capital, a fund that has already invested over $100 M in ICOs from around the globe. Tony is also a managing director of Fiat Capital and a founder of Zhejiang University Blockchain Association.

Tony is a proficient expert and a pro investor in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He began his research and investment on blockchain-based projects in early 2015, which makes him one of the first cryptoenthusiasts in Asia. Tony was farsighted enough to be among the earliest investors in ETH, Dash, Walton, and other leading projects. These smart investments along with more than 50 stakes in other blockchain projects have paid him off a hundredfold.

On July, 9th, at a business breakfast hosted by Priority Token CEO Victor Larionov, Tony Ling will share his insights on how to raise money for ICOs on Asian market. To start with, Victor will interview Tony, asking the following questions.

► Should an ICO project specifically target Asian, particularly Chinese, investors?
► What kind of strategy should an ICO project adopt to succeed on Asian markets?
► How to find trustworthy partners in Asia, if a project needs any?
► What kind of ICO projects appeal to Asian investors the most?
► What trends were predominant on Asian market in the last 6 months?
► What trends are coming to the fore these days in Asia?

The one who will know the answers to these questions, will have the tools to speed up his marketing campaign and reach his hardcap target before his competitors. Do you believe that it has to be you? Than wait no more and grab your entrance ticket!

An interview will be followed by a 45-minute Q&A session, so you’ll have a chance to ask Tony Ling your specific question and get his answer. This is a chance you can’t miss!
Jump at the chance to meet a practicing Chinese investor who has dozens of other major Asian investors in his inner circle. Time to find some common ground with your future Chinese partners!

Seats are limited. Entrance is free, but only upon registration.

To get registered, please contact our Chief Marketing Officer Artur Boytsov via Telegram ► @amidatonga, or write us to

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