Your data is at risk

The days of total surveillance have already come. The state, organizations, and cybercriminals are trying to get hold of your data.

By processing terabytes of information, cybercriminals gain access to passwords, money withdrawal data, and your computer in general. That is all for monetization. Special organizations track everything from contacts to geolocation to offer ads and get you to buy unwanted products and services. Besides, the state uses microphones and a camera to collect information about you, your friends, and your friends’ friends. It is for this reason that even the common users need to know how to protect themselves.

A modern computer or smartphone is a powerful spy device equipped with cameras, motion and temperature sensors, ultra-sensitive microphones, and other spy gadgets that the agent 007 from the ’90s would have been jealous of. ALL communication channels are monitored by the state and other institutions. All phone conversations are recorded, and databases of popular apps and social networks are analyzed. Do you wonder how to protect yourself from the all-seeing Big Brother? If you read on, you will find a solution.

A decentralized ecosystem that allows you to transfer data, bypassing the central servers can become one of the options. The uniqueness of such products lies in the joint operation of a decentralized peer-to-peer architecture and advanced encryption technology. User data is stored not on a central server, but on local devices in a cryptographic container, which only the owner has access to.

According to the creators of one of the decentralized networks, before sending users’ messages, they are encrypted using two levels of modern encryption at once – 256-bit AES and Curve21159. Moreover, to use a peer-to-peer network on the condition of complete anonymity, you do not need to specify a phone number or email address. Modern technology, combined with a wide range of features and ease of use, will protect you from intruders and total surveillance so that all your actions on the network are known only to you.

“When developing our product, we put complete anonymity and ensuring the security of our users to the fore, that`s why we have built several tools into Utopia:

  •     uMail is a service for exchanging emails with the ability to attach files of different formats. You can send emails only to Utopia users who are added to your contact list. When sending an email to offline users, they will receive it only when they are online. Until then, the message will be stored in the “Outbox” folder.
  •     uMessenger is a messaging service. Users can send encrypted voice and text messages, creating private and public channels that can be linked to an anonymous uMap server.
  •     uWallet allows you to use the CryptoCard. All payments are made with the help of cryptons – a cryptocurrency that is resistant to market volatility since it exists only in a closed ecosystem.
  •     uNS is a secure DNS alternative that allows you to register a user name or a uTopia site name, as well as create your streaming service or website hosted in the UTOPIA ecosystem using peer-to-peer network technology.

These tools will allow you to 100% secure all user data,” – says Nik Kristov, CCO of Utopia.

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