FUN Token $3000 New Logo Bounty

Everyone has a chance to claim this bounty! FUN Token is launching a community contest for a new logo design — send your submissions and win cash prizes in FUN tokens!

The contest is simple — until Friday, the 19th of March, 12:00 pm UTC, send your submissions to Five best works will make the shortlist from which three winners will be chosen on! The decision will be based on premium members’ opinions.

Authors of the three best logos will get:

1 place: 50,000 FUN ($1750)

2 place: 25,000 FUN ($875)

3 place: 15,000 FUN ($525)

So far we have received more than 50 submissions, but you still have time to participate and come out on top with your idea!
To get inspired and connect with what FUN stands for — visit the project’s website now and learn more about how it benefits the audience!

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